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Support Groups Helping Families Cope

Had it not been for Helen [Davies] and our annual progress meetings and weekly support group at the Stanford-Palo Alto CADC, I would not be as far along in my knowledge of dementia, and the resources available to me as a caregiver. I am also able to call her when a challenging situation arises. Through her facilitation of the support group, the members became close and trusting of each other. I have been able to learn from other caregivers based on their experiences, and it was Helen that made the group worthwhile through her facilitation skills and years of experience.

Helen has the ability to ask caregivers the right questions and allow us to process what we need to know in order to move forward. In the year since Helen’s support group closed, I have attended 4 other support groups and no one comes close to providing me with the knowledge and support I obtained while attending Helen’s group. I have appreciated very much the support Helen has given our family in this very difficult and challenging time in our lives.