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Invaluable Comprehensive Supportive Care

When you realize a family member has dementia you expect all the experts to know just what to do for your family member and how to treat them.

Interdisciplinary Team Training Inspires Medical Student

I had the great privilege of working alongside the clinicians and staff members of the UC Irvine CADC clinic during the summer of 2009.

Broadening the Training of Health Professionals Using Innovative Methods

As California’s population grows and the number of people afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease increases, it is critical that we find new and innovative outreach methods to train our professional workfo

Promoting Healthy Aging Within Our Communities

With a focus on health issues that are of particular interest in the African American community, the Wellness Forum on Healthy Aging was held in April of 2009 and featured presentations on brain healt

Community Outreach: The Asian Pacific Islander Dementia Care Network

The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in the United States, has awarded a Family and Informal Caregiver Support Program grant to support the creation of a

Comfort Receiving a Diagnosis and Care


My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease almost 3 years ago. Before coming to the UCLA CADC my family believed that there was nothing to be done to stop her deterioration.

Giving Back to California: Training Health Care Providers

John Ringman, MD

I first met Gloria, a 25 year-old woman of Mexican-American descent, when she brought her 42 year-old mother into the general neurology clinic at UC Irvine in 1999.

A Difficult Diagnosis Solved


My wife, Patti, has been battling Alzheimer’s for almost 5 years. She is only 57 years old. It took over a year to diagnose her disease because it commenced as a speech problem.

Support Groups Helped to Cope With Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Stanford/Palo Alto VA Health Care System support group for MCI

Early in 2001, my physician husband was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Diagnosis Provides a Way Forward

the "Larsons" at UC - Martinez

When Mr.