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There are many resources available. Below is a listing of primarily websites, but also books, articles, videos, on-line support groups and more.

General Information


  • Administration on Aging (AoA): Important topics such as Department of Justice guidelines for providers implementing mmigration related parts of the Welfare Reform Act.
  • American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) or (800) 424-3410, (202) 434-2277 (publications on caregiving). This popular consumer group posts policy statements and position papers.
  • American Geriatrics Society (AGS): AGS provides professional and consumer information.
  • The mission is to help people take care of their aging parents and loved ones by providing trusted information, access to eldercare experts, community support groups and a directory of local caregiving services.
  • Children of Aging Parents: (212) 945-6900 or (800) 227-7294


  • Center Watch: Clinical Trials Listing Service : New FDA approval, clinical trails listings and industry news.
  • Drug Infonet: Includes drug search, database, publication, disease centers, meetings highlights and discussion groups.
  • PharmWeb: Features patient information, conference information, discussion rooms, government and regulatory bodies.
  • Rx-List: Includes drug interactions for the most commonly used agents, keyword search, alternative medicine, information and education.
  • Drug Interaction Checker: An online tool that shows you potential interactions between your medications and other medications, foods, etc.

Clinical Trials

Books and Articles

Libraries and Collections

Alzheimer's Association

CVS Caremark

ElderCare Online

Millman Respite Center

National Institute on Aging

Books and Articles for Caregivers

Books and Articles for Health Care Professionals

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

Alzheimer's Association or (800) 272-3900

Northern California & Northern Nevada chapter

California Alzheimer's Data Report prepared for the Alzheimer's Association California Council, February 2009

Alzheimer’s Disease Education & Referral Center or (800) 438-4380

Alzheimer Research Forum

Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet

Family Caregiver Alliance or (800) 445-8106

Los Angeles Alzheimer’s Association

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Guidelines for Alzheimer’s Disease Management

    These guidelines were developed by the California Workgroup on Alzheimer's Disease Management through a collaborative effort of healthcare providers, consumers, academicians, and representatives of professional and volunteer organizations that included a review of scientific evidence supplemented by expert opinion when research has been unavailable or inconsistent.

Alzheimer's Disease, an article written by Memory and Aging Center staff for Google Knol™