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Emotional Support: How it's Invaluable for Family Members

“From the beginning we found so much support from the UC San Diego CADC. It was all the resources and planning we needed to do from the beginning. Support was always there emotionally with the help of Frances Goodrich, MSW. She has been wonderful with everything we have needed. She helped us organize and make a plan by attending one of our family meetings. That was such a tremendous amount of help to us as well as the emotional support we received that day. My sisters and I attend the Yong Caregiver Support Group that Frances Goodrich, MSW holds. Every time I attend I always find support and come away feeling thankful to have a place to discuss these devastating events that occur. For my family, the UC San Diego CADC is just a phone call away and I know I can get help or answers. They treat the whole family, not just the person with AD. Our nurse [Judith Rivera FNP] has the tougher job. She is the one who gives us the update on mom’s Alzheimer's disease. She is very responsive and informative . . ."

". . . I feel that everyone at the Center have been our lifeline. We are ever so thankful they are there for us.”

- Letter from the daughter of a Hispanic patient