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The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis

"When I came to the UC San Diego CADC at the beginning of this year, at the recommendation of my family physician, I was in the process of withdrawal from my environment. I was anxious and worried about my physical condition, fearful that I was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. . . ."

". . . At the conclusion of the process, when my family and I met with Dr. Daly and representatives of the many disciplines of the CADC, I learned that my strange behavior after a knee operation required by a bad fall was a temporary delirium. The UC San Diego CADC team found I had no dementia and no evidence of a stroke, but I was found to have mild memory loss, mild cognitive impairment and sensory polyneuropathy.

Following these largely positive developments, I became a very involved part of my family’s activities and discussions once again and I resumed my tutoring of reading with 2nd Graders. I also entered on a rigorous training program, and now walk, with my walker, some 40-50 minutes per day (up to a mile a day) and do upper body and balancing exercises.

I give the UC San Diego CADC and my family physician full credit for the improvements in my health, which have greatly enhanced my quality of life.

One of my main wishes was to resume driving. However, once the UC San Diego CADC’s Dr. Daly explained to me that I don’t really have a good feeling for where my feet are in space, I readily admitted that I cannot drive anymore. Tough news, but I understand."

- written by an 84 year old UC San Diego CADC patient