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CADC Teaching Influences Medical Resident's Career Path

Shamala Kanchan, MD, Stanford-Palo Alto CADC

As part of my Stanford fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry in 1994 to 1996, I was fortunate to have an extended rotation at the Stanford-Palo Alto CADC.

CADC Mentorship Shapes a Medical Resident's Practice

John Daly, MD, UCSD-San Diego CADC Medical Director

I developed my interest in Geriatrics while rotating through the UCSD-San Diego CADC under the mentorship of Dr. Ed Jackson when I was a resident in Internal Medicine at UCSD.

Solving a Diagnostic Puzzle Improves Quality of Life

Her eyes sparkle and she flashes a flirtatious smile as a volunteer guides her across the dance floor.

Continuity of Care Invaluable for Supporting a Family's Caregiving

"A neurologist diagnosed my husband (AC) of 31 years with dementia in 2007, at the age of 64. The medical report stated that Alzheimer's Disease was the likely cause of the dementia.

Interdisciplinary Team Education is Essential

I had an opportunity to work at the USC-Rancho/Los Amigos CADC as a collaborative partner through the Alzheimer’s Association California Southland Chapter.

Invaluable Comprehensive Supportive Care

When you realize a family member has dementia you expect all the experts to know just what to do for your family member and how to treat them.

Interdisciplinary Team Training Inspires Medical Student

I had the great privilege of working alongside the clinicians and staff members of the UC Irvine CADC clinic during the summer of 2009.

Dedicated CADC Mentors Influence Career Goals

I am a graduate student in clinical psychology and completed one year of neuropsychology training at the UC Irvine CADC.

Giving Back to California: Training Health Care Providers

John Ringman, MD

I first met Gloria, a 25 year-old woman of Mexican-American descent, when she brought her 42 year-old mother into the general neurology clinic at UC Irvine in 1999.