Community Engagement

The Community Liaison and Recruitment Core (CLRC) of the CADC is the unit of the Center that focuses on the development and maintenance of academic-community partnerships. The mission of the CLC is to foster mutually beneficial academic-community partnerships to promote health and healthy aging among ethnically diverse older adults. Our faculty and staff facilitate aging research in ethnically diverse populations and provide technical assistance to community partners who would like to become involved in minority aging research. Our research is enriched by the colorful mosaic that is the ethnically and linguistically diverse San Francisco Bay Area population.

Our Aims

  • Provide support to CADC Scientists (junior minority investigators - see investigator core) and other UCSF aging researchers to engage minority communities in minority aging research.
  • Maintain a collaborative network of community and faith-based organizations to enhance the engagement of communities of color and sexual and gender minorities in minority aging research. 
  • Disseminate information on state-of-the-art recruitment and retention methods for health disparities research.