CADC provides a variety of resources for health disparities researchers.  Our resources are primarily methodological (research methods, conducting community and clinical intervention studies, and developing self-report measures) but also include career development.

  • Interventions: Resources and materials from interventions in community and clinical settings include program manuals, translational and implementation processes, and interventionist training. 
  • Measures & concepts: CADC-developed measurement instruments and concepts relevant to health disparities are described, including aspects of quality of health care, social determinants of health disparities, and physical activity.  
  • Methodology: We feature research design, measurement, and analysis methods appropriate for investigating health disparities.  Topics include translating/adapting interventions, testing measures, selecting measures for a particular study, modifying/translating measures, study design, and statistical methods.
  • Career development: We include slide presentations on career development and conceptual models of health disparities, as well as training opportunities and pilot study funding resources.