Methods of Recruitment

To eliminate health disparities and better understand aging processes in ethnically diverse populations, effective strategies for increasing participation of minority populations in health research are needed.  To design an effective strategy that will motivate older adults to volunteer for research, especially those from disparity populations, requires understanding determinants of successful recruitment and designing innovative strategies to address known barriers to recruitment.  We provide two types of resources on this topic.

CADC Recruitment Research

CADC faculty and scholars have advanced recruitment strategies in several ways through our projects recruiting patients from health care settings and recruiting individuals from communities.  We summarize our publications on the following aspects of recruitment of diverse older adults and other health disparities populations.  

  1. Overarching issues in recruiting diverse older adults
  2. Key determinants of successful recruitment
  3. Innovative strategies to recruit diverse populations
  4. Experimental studies of the effectiveness of different methods of recruitment
  5. Feasibility of recruitment: guidelines and examples

The downloadable file includes hyperlinks to each publication.  For those that are not public access, we provide a link to a PDF.

Publications on Methods of Recruitment of Diverse Older Adults

Methods of Building a Health Registry of Diverse Older Adults

One innovative recruitment strategy is the creation of health registries.  CADC faculty (Drs. Celia Kaplan, Tung Nguyen, and Leah Karliner) reviewed six publications by systematically reporting methodological aspects of developing and implementing health registries targeting older adults.  The types of registries include use of social media, and community organizations.  

Using a Health Registry to Recruit Diverse Older Adults

Methods of Using Social Media for Recruitment

The CADC Community Liaison and Recruitment Core reviewed six publications and report some methodological aspects of using social media for the recruitment of adults into research studies.  The selected publications focus on the use of Facebook as it is the most used social media outlet.  

Using Social Media (Facebook) for Recruitment