Drs. Anita Stewart and Anna Nápoles published a new article entitled, "Transcreation: an implementation science framework for community-engaged behavioral interventions to reduce health disparities"


The transcreation framework aims to guide researchers and community partners to reduce health disparities by developing and testing behavioral interventions that are grounded in scientific evidence and build on community strengths

Napoles AM & Stewart AL (2018)


Methods for translating evidence-based behavioral interventions into real-world settings seldom account for the special issues in reaching health disparity populations.

The objective of this article is to describe an innovative “transcreational” framework for designing and delivering interventions in communities to reduce health disparities. We define transcreation as the process of planning, delivering, and evaluating interventions so that they resonate with the community experiencing health disparities, while achieving intended health outcomes. The Transcreation Framework for Community-engaged Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Health Disparities comprises seven steps: 1) identify community infrastructure and engage partners; 2) specify theory; 3) identify multiple inputs for new program; 4) design intervention prototype; 5) design study, methods, and measures for community setting; 6) build community capacity for delivery; and 7) deliver transcreated intervention and evaluate implementation processes. Communities are engaged from the start and interventions are delivered by community-based interventionists and tested in community settings. The framework applies rigorous scientific methods for evaluating program effectiveness and implementation processes. It incorporates training and ongoing technical assistance to assure treatment fidelity and build community capacity.

This framework expands the types of scientific evidence used and balances fidelity to evidence and fit to the community setting. It can guide researchers and communities in developing and testing behavioral interventions to reduce health disparities that are likely to be sustained because infrastructure development is embedded in the research.

Nápoles AM, Stewart AL. Transcreation: an implementation science framework for community-engaged behavioral interventions to reduce health disparities. BMC Health Serv Res. 2018 Sept 12;18(1):710. PMCID: PMC6134771