The Research Education Component (REC) Core of the CADC has three components.  First, we fund less experienced minority investigators to conduct pilot studies to investigate issues of aging in African American, Latino, Asian, and sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations.  These pilot studies are led or co-led by minority investigators at the junior faculty or post-doctoral fellow level and supervised by the CADC core faculty as well as affiliated aging researchers at UCSF.  We have given preference to pilot studies that focus on healthy aging, disease prevention, measurement issues, and evaluation of recruitment methods. Second, the REC disseminates research information to all potentially interested audiences including community-based organizations, health care professionals and trainees, and opinion leaders within the African American, Latino and Asian, and SGM communities. Third, we formalize and strengthen the Continual Mentoring Activity within CADC by engaging graduates of the program in studies and in mentoring of fellows and less experienced faculty.

Our Aims

  • To select a minimum of three studies per year both from UCSF and other local institutions to be funded for pilot work focused on the Program Themes of healthy aging, chronic disease prevention, measurement issues, or evaluation of recruitment methods.
  • To assist and mentor less experienced minority investigators funded through CADC in conducting their pilot studies and in identifying next steps in career development.
  • To disseminate research information within UCSF and more broadly regarding recommended  techniques for conducting research involving African American, Asian, Latino, and SGM aging populations.
  • To sustain and expand a network of investigators with expertise in minority health and aging at UCSF.