Statistical Methods in Health Disparities Research

In this section, we provide slides for presentations and lectures on a variety of statistical methods in health disparities research. Most are introductory and a few are more advanced.

Testing Mediators and Moderators of Outcomes


Each of the following are introductory:

Methods of Analyzing Longitudinal Datasets


Factor Analysis Methods


Additional Statistical Issues


  • Comparing Odds Ratios Across Nested Logistic Regression Models: Care must be taken when comparing odds ratios across two logistic regression models where the X variables in one model are a subset of the X variables in the other model (2013).
  • 3-level Logistic Models: Reviews SAS options circa 2013 for 3-level logistic models, including both multilevel models with random effects and alternating logistic regression (ALR) models.  NOTE: SAS now includes the FASTQUAD option in PROC GLIMMIX, which allows fitting models with larger numbers of random effects and quadrature points.
  • Missing Data Concepts: A no-math introduction to multiple imputation (2009).